Centennial College Bursaries

Winter 2012 CCAG Book Bursary


General Information & Deadlines

Welcome to the Winter 2012 Centennial College Access Guarantee (CCAG) Book Bursary service.

We are pleased to offer you this service electronically!!!  It is very important that you read the following screens to ensure that you do not become ineligible for the bursary.

The CCAG Book Bursary is based upon having an unmet financial need of $300.00 or more and this unmet need is determined by completing the Interactive Budget Calculator that consists of your income and expenses.  As a student you must also meet the criteria of the bursary to be eligible.

The CCAG Book Bursary is available to students who demonstrate financial need on a first come, first served basis.

1000 fulltime day students will be approved for a book bursary in the amount of $300.00 until funds are expended.

Submitting One Application Per Year

You are only allowed to submit one successful application per academic year. Once you have submitted the application, no changes can be made, and you cannot reapply again in the current year. All information must be completed on the application form. Your budget is to be estimated and based  upon the Winter 2012 semester. While filling out the application form for the Winter 2012 semester, please ensure that your information is complete before submitting the bursary.

You cannot save the application form. If you leave the Interactive Budget Calculator, you will lose your information, and will have to reenter your information when you return to the calculator.

If you are eligible for the CCAG Book Bursary, you will receive a confirmation email upon submission of your application.

How To Receive Your Book Bursary After Online Confirmation

  1. You will receive a second email on or before December 19, 2011 confirming your authorization has been sent electronically to your campus bookstore.
  2. From Monday, January 2, 2012 after receipt of your second email you may from that time go to your campus bookstore with a copy of your fulltime Winter 2012 timetable and redeem your CCAG Book Bursary. You are not authorized to redeem your CCAG Book Bursary prior to January 2, 2012 or after January 27, 2012.
  3. Please note, 4x4 courses are ineligible for this funding opportunity.

Tax Receipts

Bursaries are not repayable but students will receive a T4A for the taxation year, and the bursary must be reported as part of your income.


If you are approved all CCAG Book Bursaries must be redeemed at your campus bookstore by January 27, 2012.

Important Note:
SFS can not assume responsibility for students in receipt of a CCAG Book Bursary for which the texts are not available.